Our mission is to create opportunities, build a supportive community, and bring a sense of purpose and pride to those of us living with chronic, invisible illnesses. Each of us finds joy in our craft, takes pride in our creations, and feels a sense of connection through our group. Together we can take on things we couldn’t alone; we pool our resources to fill in applications, cover costs, make crafts, put together a stall and the displays, and maintain a presence during events.

To join our group contact us through our contact page or by emailing us at chroniccrafterscollective@gmail.com

We now have a Public Facebook page! You can join us on public group page, called Chronic Crafters Collective.

*please note if you contact us through the Private Facebook page, we will message you through Facebook, that message will not show up in your normal, Facebook message box, but under “Message Requests” which does not show up as a notification (please check it often!).